‘@ByChloeSee recaps her adventures in Santa Maria Valley.

Chloe See @ByChloeSee

Have you ever been wine tasting in Santa Maria Valley? Yep, me neither, until just recently. I was invited to take a short and sweet trip to a small town near the Pacific Coast. My experience with this city was beautiful, quaint and fulfilling. I’m super excited to partner with Santa Maria Valley to share my recent trip experiences.

Places I explored during my short stay:

Wine Stone Inn
Pizzeria Bello Forno
Cambria Winery
Presqu’ile Winery
Naughty Oak Brewery
Cups & Crumbs

Wine Stone Inn is a beautiful small boutique hotel with 12 rooms. This is probably the place to be with a beautiful bar serving delicious wines from all over the coast – ranging from local Santa Maria Valley wines to some fan favorites like Justin, Caymus, and more. The staff there were kind and welcoming and it felt like home instantly. We truly loved the service and experience here from check-in to check-out. They welcomed us as if we were family and treated us with kindness throughout our stay. The room was beautifully put together and everything seemed thoughtfully decorated. It had a western-country-meets-luxury feel going on. They gifted us a small basket of snacks along with a personal thank-you note, which was such a nice personal touch! The bartenders recommended us to try local wines and told us about some places the locals recommended in town. When you visit the lobby, there’s also a downstairs cellar with an amazing space to unwind and relax. The charm here transcended throughout the entire hotel and left a huge impression on my stay. I’d highly recommend this place and I will definitely be back here.

Cambria Winery is a short 20-minute drive from Wine Stone Inn. Nestled away with a huge vineyard is a beautifully kept winery filled with delicious, well-balanced wines. Cambria has been in the hands of men and women with 200 years of experience cultivating the land and crafting these wines. Currently, it is owned and operated by three inspiring women of the Jackson family for over 30 years. We experienced their full tasting menu and were able to see where each type of wine was made. Our favorite here was the 2019 Rose – it was crisp, light, sweet and just so easy to drink. We purchased a bottle to take home with us. There is a cute place around the corner where you can bring your wine and sit down. There are tables for a picnic, where you can overlook the beautiful valley of vines being tended to and growing beautifully.

Presqu’ile Winery pronounced “press-keel” is family-owned and has extremely breathtaking views. The way it was built is so that it overlooks their vineyards and also their vegetable gardens, where they grow fresh herbs used in their kitchen. A MUST VISIT. This winery is dedicated to crafting light Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and beautifully balanced Syrah from Santa Barbara County. My favorite here was the chef’s board that comes with one of the tasting sets you can choose from. I also really loved their Pinot Noir and Syrah! Delicious and would be back to bring friends!

Pizzeria Bello Forno is an old-school spot super close to Wine Stone Inn. It’s literally walking distance and on the same street. I love how the indoor set up has a wall of beautiful wines and craft liquor for you to select from. In addition, their patio seating is super romantic and perfect for a date! We ordered a few things to share from their menu – mixed bruschetta, vodka pasta, spaghetti and meatballs, and their pepperoni pizza. Their pizzas are a MUST and the vodka pasta was super delicious! We’d come back for the vibes and definitely a great place to dine in.

Naughty Oak Brewery is such a cool hangout spot. This place is SUPER close to Pizzeria Bello Forno and Wine Stone Inn as well. I felt like it was a fun vintage spot that had a lot of space, and a super friendly staff. We ordered the beer flight and they provided us with snacks, too! There’s a variety of beers depending on what you prefer and the staff there are great with recommendations. Highly recommended if you love beer and snacks. Bonus – there’s games you can play too!

Cups & Crumbs is your local mom-and-pop shop for breakfast or a pastry, if you please. It looks super small upon entering, but there is a HUGE space in the back for guests to enjoy the weather and a good meal. We were able to try the breakfast burrito and a local favorite crepe, and we took some pastries to go. Such an amazing experience to stop by a cute and quaint cafe to enjoy our morning.

We were able to visit these places with such generous hospitality and it truly gave us a small town home vibe. The experience is worth a quick stop into town and some highly recommended places on your way passing through. I never knew Santa Maria Valley existed, nor did I know what beauty I was missing out on. A genuine small town of Orcutt, with beautiful vineyards, and people who truly love their town.

Thank you for a truly comforting experience Santa Maria Valley!

Chloe Chen is a social media marketing consultant, creative director, casual storyteller and animal lover based in Southern California.