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Cambria Winery & Vineyards

Family-owned, sustainably-farmed, and passionately tended.

Operated by a team proud to be stewards of this remarkable property, each wine Cambria produces is 100 percent estate, fully revealing the essence of the Santa Maria Bench. Located at the northern end of Santa Barbara County, Cambria’s estate vineyards thrive on the foothills of the largest east-west oriented valley on the West Coast. With the Pacific Ocean just 15 miles away, coastal air and fog temper the sun that shines on south-facing vineyards. As a level 1 climate, it is one of the coolest wine-growing regions in the world, while the long growing season results in fully developed and concentrated flavors in the fruit. Fourteen different types of soil make up four distinct vineyards on just over 1,600 acres. Cambria also sits along the Foxen Canyon Wine Trail

A family heritage filled with a love for wine and the land in the Santa Maria Valley, the Jackson family is a true vineyard family. Named after the two Jackson daughters, Katherine and Julia each have their own vineyard. From the vineyard managers and founders, to their winemaker Jill Delariva Russell, they are all a tight knit vineyard family focused on honoring the generations that loved this land before them by leaving a minimal footprint, so the land can be shared with future generations.

With an effort to produce world-class wines in a sustainable way, winemaker Jill Delariva Russell embodies this responsibility in pursuit of the perfect cool climate wine. Jill’s love for wine began when she became a server at a winery. She pursued her love for wine at the California Polytechnic State University where she studied wine and viticulture. During her college years she traveled throughout winegrowing regions in California to learn more about winemaking. With a learning and hands-on mindset, Jill spent some time working a harvest at a local winery in Adelaide, Australia and has since then had the opportunity to make wine in France.

Jill’s first loves–that’s right, there’s two–is Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Although she has tasted and made wine in several parts of the world, the Santa Maria Valley’s cool-climate is ideal for her winemaking journey. You can find Jill perfecting Cambria’s Chardonnays to pair with a steak or her beloved Pinot Noir while enjoying the coastal breeze in the Santa Maria Valley.

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