Santa Maria Valley Restaurants

You might have heard about our's a big deal around here. Santa Maria style barbecue features tri-tip slow grilled over red oak and served with pinquito beans, salad, salsa and garlic bread. It's mouth watering good. Local restaurants often have their own spin on the classic and you might have trouble choosing a favorite during your trip.

Beyond the barbecue, Santa Maria Valley is home to everything from charming pubs to FARM-to-table cafes. And there's an emphasis on the farm here since we're fortunate to have fresh, local produce available year-round. From broccoli and cauliflower to peas and peppers, local chefs have plenty to choose from. And there's nothing better than fresh Santa Maria strawberries so be sure to save room for dessert!


Santa Maria Valley has over 50 restaurants that are sure to hit the spot! You’ll find no better place to indulge. Come prepared to eat, drink, and do more for less.