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Head toward the valley of vineyards. Where grapes are allowed to take their sweet time. Where it’s perfectly acceptable to swirl until you spill. Where coming uncorked is optional...but encouraged.

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Wineries, Wineries, Wineries

Over the years, our coastal climate and central location have drawn in dozens of amazing wineries as the world found out what we knew all along: Santa Maria Valley has the best weather and terrain for growing grapes.

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Taste the Valley

Tour the land where grapes grow as far as the eye can see. Where sprawling vineyards, smooth wine, and downhome fun come together to create something that you can’t quite put your finger on...but that you’re sure you never want to leave behind.

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Fill Your Glass

In Santa Maria Valley, we grow our grapes a little longer, a little sweeter, and with a whole lot more love. Turns out, this makes for a pretty big difference when those grapes make their way to your glass. But we don’t care if you swirl or sniff your glass just so. And we certainly don’t care if you’re wearing shoes when do you. All that matters to us is that you enjoy every single sip we serve you. So go ahead, get comfy...our wine is waiting for you.

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Our Grape Growers

Experts say it’s our cool climate, long growing season, and central location that make for wine you can’t find anywhere else. But we happen to think it’s our people.

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