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Sunny Country 102.5 Presents: The Band Steele At Blast 825 Brewery

On Tuesday 12/4 from 6pm-7pm, Jay Turner of Sunny Country 102.5 will be rocking it at Blast 825 Brewery with The Band Steele, the newest rising star from Nashville.

Steel is one of the strongest metals in the world; it’s iron mined from the earth and fortified under heat. Alloy steel is created when other elements are intentionally added to modify the characteristics of steel. The same is true with the combination of Bo Steele and Ben Rubino, and the creation and characteristic of The Band Steele.

A musical formation as spirit and nature intended, The Band Steele is defined by strong vocals and instinctive musicianship—a fiery combination forged by a genuine brotherhood and a loyal and trusted friendship that makes the pairing stronger and “better together”.

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