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Experience the Central Coast for half the price

No discount codes, promo or lottery necessary. We just don’t believe in price hikes.

Where to Stay

Western Motel

Welcome to the Western Motel, located in the heart of the Central Coast in Santa Maria California. We offer competitive rates for daily and extended stay customers and have many amenities to make your stay with us a nice comfortable one.. The Central Coast in notorious for its clean air, local beaches, and a scenic drive in between Los Angeles and San Francisco, two of the biggest cities in California. If you have plans on traveling thru California on highway 101 and the scenic 1 highway, be sure to include a night of stay with us. Thank you for visiting our website, if you should have any questions or comment, please call or email us for a prompt reply.

Spice Up Your Stay

Food & Drink


Family Activities

The Luffa Farm