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Costa De Oro: Egg Hunt And Egg-Lympics/ NYC Duo’s Last Gig

Friday April 15th is a big day!

Here’s what going on from 1-3pm…

Egg Hunt

Back by popular demand is our egg hunt. Yes, the eggs will be as well hidden as last time! Eggs will contain Easter treats and special Costa de Oro cards that will offer exclusive discounts and other wine related gifts. The egg hunt is over when the last egg is found, so arrive early for your chance to find the golden eggs!

Egg Toss

Team up with your partner in crime and compete in the old fashioned egg toss! Teams of two will stand face to face and toss an egg back and forth until the last team is left standing with an unbroken egg! The winning team gets a special wine gift.

Egg Race

A special course for the egg-on-spoon race around Costa de Oro will determine who claims victory. Only one hand can be used to balance the egg. If you choose to dedicate your other hand to holding a glass of wine, hats off to you.

Here’s what’s happening from 5-7:30pm…

NYC Duo’s Final Gig

One of our most special bands is having their final night playing at Costa de Oro. Come out, dance, enjoy wine and fill their tip jar in thanks for all the good times they’ve created at CDO. Will we miss you NYC Duo!

Cali Coast Tacos

We are excited to have Cali Coast Tacos here from 5-7:30pm for the first time! Appearing at hot spots from Santa Barbara to Paso Robles, Cali Coast Tacos consistently serves up delicious Mexican food.

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