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Costa de Oro: 80’s Dance Party

Saturday, July 29th from 6-9pm will Costa De Oro’s 80’s Dance Party!

Call the tasting room to make your reservation!

A cover charge of $10 for Members and $15 for Non-Members will be collected when making a reservation.

Dress Up!

We hope to see neon colors, big hair, spandex, leg warmers, and side ponytails. Awards will be given to best dressed.

Prepare to Dance

We will have a rented official 15×15 dancefloor so you can show off all your best moves while surrounded by neon lights, and rad 80’s decor.

DJ Artie Reynoso

An amazing set of strictly 80’s dance music will be played. Have a request? Ask the DJ!

Take Home a Polaroid Picture

Staff will be going around table to table offering to take your picture with a polaroid camera. Oh, the nostalgia! Take home a picture of you and your friends in all it’s 80’s glory.

Kick Your Feet Up

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