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CORE Creative Workshop-Mixed Media & Poems

Take a night to relax and be creative with mixed media and words! Mixed media is a fancy way of saying that you’re using more than one medium in creating your art. So instead of creating a piece of art using just watercolor, you might add pieces of printed graphics, tissue paper, textured ribbon, stamps, glue, photographs and various textures to your project.

September’s Creative Workshop also features words and a poem of your choice. Bring your poem with you and think about how you wanted it visually represented in your project. It can be pre-printed or written by hand, try to keep it on the shorter side, somewhere around 20 words. It can be your own words or the work of someone else, just be sure to credit the author. We’ll have samples poems printed in case you don’t find one in advance.

We will provide everything that you need to go home with a finished project. If there are items you want to bring to incorporate into your art in addition to your poem, please do! It’s always nice to add something that has special meaning to you or someone you might gift your art to when finished.

Classes must include at least 6 participants in order to be held, maximum of 10. Light snacks and a glass of wine are included! Non-alcoholic beverages availabe upon request.

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