Escape the Expense in Santa Maria Valley

Beat inflation with a more affordable vacation

Summer travel expenses making you sweat? Cool it all down in Santa Maria Valley where a wine tasting is half the price, hotels won’t break the bank, and the beaches never make you wait. Other California Central Coast destinations can’t say the same...we checked.

Stay in Santa Maria Valley
Staying Here

Your Home Base

Santa Maria Valley knows the meaning of value. It starts with appreciating our visitors and not gouging them on a room price when they come stay with us.

Average Hotel Stays:
Santa Maria Valley: $119/night
Pismo Beach: $461/night
Paso Robles: $477.33/night
Napa: $813.33/night

Wine Experience

Fill Your Glass a Few Times Over

Santa Maria Valley makes California wine country affordable. Pinky’s down, folks. Swirl your style at one of our 30+ wineries or tasting rooms and keep the extra savings for your next trip.

Average Wine Tasting:
Santa Maria Valley: $11/tasting
Paso Robles: $15/tasting
Napa: $35/tasting
Temecula: $16/tasting

Santa Maria Style Tri-Tip

Full Plates and Pockets

We don't skimp on value or servings. There's no better way to take care of guests than with an amazing, affordable meal.

Average Price of an Entree:
Santa Maria Valley: $31.13/meal
Paso Robles: $52.08/meal
Napa: $53.65/meal
Pismo Beach: $63/meal

Psst! We know our calculus, it's "You + SMV = Us"

But if you'd like to check our math to see how Santa Maria Valley adds up, we'll show our work. All of our information was taken from the top three highly-rated hotels, restaurants and wineries on Trip Advisor for each destination to reach the average price point. Down to the penny, folks.

Explore #SantaMariaStyle

Do More for Less

With 15 beaches, 24 hiking trails and 34 tasting rooms all within a 30-minute drive, Santa Maria Valley is the perfect home base to do more for less. Explore all you can do in and around the valley, #SantaMariaStyle.