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Throughout the month of May, Santa Maria Valley does a tastebud takeover. This isn’t a smokeshow, folks. We put West Coast barbecue on the map 150 years ago. Now, we’re ‘steaking’ our claim. Tune in, follow along, and come see how we celebrate Barbecue Month, #SantaMariaStyle.

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Everyone’s a Grill Master

Bring the Smoke Show Home

Santa Maria Style barbecue has entered the chat… and your kitchen. In order to bring Sizzle Central to your home, you have to fire up that steak over red oak, and rub with salt, pepper, and garlic salt—the classic Santa Maria Style seasoning. Recreate all the recipes you loved in Santa Maria Valley and find your new favorite side piece.

Come to Cali Hungry

Map Out the “Must-Stop” Spots

If you’re looking for authentic, you’ve come to the right place. Say goodbye to sugary, messy sauces and get a heaping plate of barbecue cooked up Santa Maria Style at these 12 barbecue locations we’ve mapped out for you. (No saucy bottoms here.)

Step into

Wine & Tri-Tip Territory

Tri-tip and wine country is our match made in heaven.
Sip on that, Texas.