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The Karaoke Kid

Now through September 16, Oceano’s ever-popular Great American Melodrama & Vaudeville presents “The Karaoke Kid,” the comedic adventure of a straight-shooting kid learning all the right moves. The Great American Melodrama is beloved for its folksy piano tunes, cabaret tables and sawdust-covered floors. Here, professional performers from throughout the United States gather to present top-notch productions of great classic musicals, original plays and Victorian melodramas, some of which invite “boo and hiss” audience participation. Each show also includes an old-time vaudeville revue full of song, dance and comedy.


After relocating to Pismo Beach from the East Coast, poor Daniel just doesn’t fit in. He has no friends, no car, and he’s bullied by the cool kids at school. But then he meets a mysterious old master who teaches him how to fight back: karaoke. Can Daniel overcome his fears and win the Central Coast Karaoke Contest? You’ll get the answer in this brand new musical featuring some of the biggest hits of the 80’s and 90’s.

Beginning July 15th, The Karaoke Kid and The Tavern will play on alternate evenings. Check our Show Calendar page for specific dates and times.

Great American Melodrama Theater, 1863 Front Street, Oceano.

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