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Great American Melodrama: Under The Boardwalk

Join us for a close-up look at life under the Pismo Boardwalk. Meet the Clams, a gritty group of shellfish, and their life-long rivals the Gulls. Life in the sand is full of signing and dancing, until the unthinkable happens – a clam and a gull fall in love! Can these mortal enemies make a life together in the wavy, wacky world under the boardwalk?

Show Dates:
May 31 – June 4
June 7 – 11
June 14 – 18
June 21 – 25
June 28 – July 2
July 5 – 9
July 12 – 15

Show times vary. Please visit The Great American Melodrama’s website for show times and ticket purchases.

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