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We have over 50 restaurants, 7 unique AVAs, 34 tasting rooms, and a growing selection of local breweries. You’ll find no better place to indulge. Come prepared to eat, drink, and do more for less.

The Story Behind
Santa Maria Barbecue

Santa Maria Style

There’s a reason our barbecue is known around the world. We slow-roast our tri-tip using the same recipe our grandparents’ grandparents used. And their grandparents, too. And that makes for some tasty, timeless fork-and-knife fun.

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Barbecue Recipes

Strawberry Fields

From roadside stops to farmer’s markets, you’ll notice some of the biggest, brightest strawberries you’ve ever laid eyes on right here in our valley—all thanks to our cool climate and year-round growing season. Because everything’s sweeter when it’s allowed to take its time.

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Green Goodness

Call us crazy, but we believe farm-fresh should be common courtesy. Goodness starts from the ground up, and—from roots to shoots—our produce is full of it. From crisp greens to hearty veggies to mouth-watering fruits, there’s just something about this valley that knows how to grow.

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A Cold One

Tucked away along the central coast are some of California’s best microbreweries and taprooms—serving up ice-cold craft beers in a valley where everyone is family and "another round" is a given.

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From fresh pies to crisp salads to smokey barbecue, there’s no better place to nourish. Some may call them charming pubs or farm-to-table cafes, but we’ll just call them darn good places to eat.

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