That’s all we could say when we received the new July 2010 issue of the Wine Enthusiast and discovered a two-page feature spread on Santa Maria Style Barbecue. Thanks to article author (and famed wine critic) Steve Heimoff and the Wine Enthusiast for turning the spotlight on California’s BBB capital!

The article is titled “Santa Maria Style Barbecue,” with a subhead that declares: “Steak is the sizzle in the Central Coast’s oldest culinary tradition, and the region’s wines match perfectly.”

The story delves into the history and traditions of Santa Maria Style BBQ, with quotes from Frank Ostini of The Hitching Post, Rick Manson of Chef Rick’s Ultimately Fine Foods and Kevin Plemmons of Plemmons Catering. It also features Susie Q’s Brand and other local purveyors of Santa Maria Style Barbecue.

Of course, wine is also a big part of the local culinary story. Writes Heimoff, “Such a huge spectrum of flavors calls for a variety of wines to match. Steakhous reds of course—Santa Barbara produces some outstanding Cabernet Sauvignons and Syrahs. A rich, oaky Santa Barbara County Chardonnay goes surprisingly well with everything.”

He concludes, “But this isn’t the time to be fussy. Santa Maria-style BBQ is all about relaxation with family and friends…As Eli Parker puts it, ‘This was all about feeding a bunch of hungry cowboys. In a way, it still is.'”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!