TriumphestEnthusiasts for little British cars are revving up their engines–and their taste buds–as they prepare for “Triumphest,” a three-day auto rally bringing more than 150 Triumph cars to Santa Maria from September 25 – 27.

In addition to an action-packed itinerary of auto rallies, driving events and autocross competition, attendees are looking forward to Santa Maria’s famed barbecue and bucolic wine country. The event sponsor, the Southern California Triumph Owners Association (STOA), is organizing group outings to enjoy the region’s attractions.

The event’s home page touts Santa Maria as a “lovely city nestled in Santa Barbara County, California, approximately 120 miles northwest of Los Angeles. It is most notable for an excellent variety of barbecued meat. Santa Maria-style BBQ is usually used in reference to the seasoning of tri-tip or other meats when rubbed with salt, pepper, and spices and cooked whole on a rotisserie or grilled over local red oak wood. Sunset magazine’s August 2013 issue features a wonderful article on Santa Maria Style BBQ, crowning Santa Maria as The West’s Best BBQ Town.”

The web page even sports a logo depicting Columbus’s ship, the Santa Maria, with Union Jack-decorated sails. Wishing the Triumphest revelers a tasting good time here in California’s BBQ Capital!