Santa_Maria_GrillsIn recent years Santa Maria BBQ Outfitters, makers of grills and accessories for Santa Maria Style Barbecue, has enjoyed booming sales and, in turn, expanded its showroom, production facility and number of employees. We checked in with these local “Q experts” for a refresher on their philosophy and latest news:

For the layperson, what is a ‘Santa Maria Grill’ and what makes it different than traditional backyard barbecues?

A: “With our adjustable grills, you can always have the intensity of heat that you want. You can adjust the distance of the grate from the heat source with an installed hand crank. This enables you to sear the meat and seal in the flavorful juices of the top sirloin or tri-tip at higher heat, then cook the meat at a lower heat, depending on your preferences.”

What else is different or key to Santa Maria Style Barbecue?

A: “Hands down, it’s the use of red oak. There’s nothing like that flavor.”

Do you have any new products or news you’d like to share?

A: “We have two new exciting products that are doing really well. The first is the Golf Club Meat Hook, which offers an extra-long handle, complete with leather grip, so that you can hook your meat and flip it more easily. The golf club shape is decorative, of course, and makes a great Father’s Day gift! The other items are Meat Skewers crafted from stainless steel cables. They feature a helpful point and flexibility.”

The Golf Club Meat Hooks retail for $89.99, while the Meat Skewers sell for $14.99 (24-inch) and $19.99 (36-inch). The new Santa Maria BBQ Outfitters sales office and showroom is located at 2936 Industrial Parkway in Santa Maria.

The company’s grills are also available at Costco, Albertson’s and elsewhere. You can also purchase Santa Maria-style barbecue grills from Cowboy Flavor in Los Alamos and Old Town Market in Orcutt.