LA Barbecue FestivalThe Santa Maria Valley’s own Susie Q’s Brand is one of a select group of barbecue artisans who will be serving up sizzling fare at the Los Angeles BBQ Festival in Santa Monica on May 9-10, 2009.

Pitmasters from Texas, Kansas City, Chicago, Los Angeles and elsewhere will join Susie Q’s Brand in celebrating the art of regional barbecue. The festivities will include live music, beer tasting and more.

Susie Q’s Brand was founded in 1981 by Susan Righetti, daughter of Far Western Tavern founders Clarence and Rosalie Minetti. Susan’s products include Santa Maria Valley Style Seasoning, Pinquito Beans with Seasoning, Red Oak Barbecue Chips and Strawberry Glaze Pie Filling. Susie Q’s Brand has been featured on the Food Network’s BBQ with Bobby Flay, Gourmet Magazine and elsewhere.

Bravo to Susie Q’s Brand for being selected to represent Santa Maria Style Barbecue at this prestigious event!