Brian and Nancy SteinViewers of KCOY Television’s morning show recently enjoyed a master course in Santa Maria Style Barbecue, courtesy of Chef Brian Stein of the Santa Maria Valley’s own Susie Q’s Brand.

Throughout the morning, Stein (pictured here, with wife Nancy) gave pointers on preparing and barbecuing classic Santa Maria Style Barbecue, including how to use native red oak; how to properly slice tri-tip; how to use the traditional Santa Maria Style Barbecue seasoning; and how to cook the meat to seal in the natural juices. You could almost smell the sweet smoke through your television set.

Best of all, while Stein employed a traditional large open-pit screen barbecue for the main meal, he also demonstrated how to do it yourself with the average backyard Weber barbecue as well. If you missed it, you can click here for our own quick primer on preparing Santa Maria Style Barbecue for yourself.

Susie Q’s Brand is the original maker of artisan foods dedicated to the Santa Maria Style Barbecue experience. The company was founded by Santa Maria Valley native Susan Righetti, whose family also owns the famed Far Western Tavern, which was recently named one of the West’s “Top 10” barbecue restaurants by Sunset Magazine.