In an earlier post, we revealed how tri-tip became a signature cut of Santa Maria Style Barbecue, and how it can still be hard to find beyond the borders of California’s Central Coast.

Well, fret not, faraway tri-tip fans, because one local Santa Maria BBQ specialist is now offering pre-prepared tri-tip meals that can be delivered directly to your home.

Indeed, BBQ2You by the famed Hitching Post restaurant in the Santa Maria Valley has developed an ingenious method for exporting our local flavors: “Not only do we hand trim each tri-tip steak, filet mignon, or New York steak, we take it one step further and fully prepare your steak for you. Meaning, we barbecue each steak over a live red oak barbecue pit, then we season and baste the meat with our signature Hitching Post recipe. The steaks are then flash frozen and vacuumed sealed to ensure freshness. We then FedEx the steaks right to your doorstep!”

Umm…How cool is that?

The Hitching Post was established in 1944 in Casmalia and has been owned by the Ostini family since 1952. The Ostinis opened their second Hitching Post restaurant in Buellton in 1986. An indoor barbecue pit filled with red oak is the secret to the Hitching Post’s signature dining experience. In other words, they know Santa Maria Style BBQ!

After Thanksgiving and Christmas, you’ll be tired of turkey and ham, right? Well, now you have a great option for kicking off the New Year with an authentic, ready-to-go Santa Maria Style Barbecue conveniently delivered to your doorstep. Check out the BBQ2You web site for ordering and information.