Kudos to Santa Maria’s own Santa Maria BBQ Outfitters, which recently announced an upcoming expansion

As KSBY Television reported, “Despite these tough economic times, a local company is looking to double its number of employees. Santa Maria BBQ Outfitters makes barbecue grills and business has been booming for the company. In fact, last year it tripled its sales.”

The company’s grills are available at Costco, Albertson’s and elsewhere. You can also purchase Santa Maria-style barbecue grills from Cowboy Flavor in Los Alamos and Old Town Market in Orcutt.

Santa Maria grills are an operational riff on the original Santa Maria Style Barbecue method of stringing cuts of top sirloin on long rods and cooking them over red oak coals. With the grills, you can adjust the distance of the grate from the heat source (red oak, ideally) with an installed hand crank. This enables you to sear the meat and seal in the flavorful juices of the top sirloin or tri-tip at higher heat, then cook the meat at a lower heat, depending on your preferences.

The growth inĀ  the Santa Maria grill market is yet another indication that the sizzling sensation of Santa Maria Style Barbecue continues to earn new converts by the day.