Santa Maria StrawberriesThe Santa Maria Valley’s vast agricultural heritage is represented by many crops, the most colorful of which are strawberries.

The region’s uniquely moderate coastal climate is a perfect match for this fragile berry, with warm winters and cool summers that support a year-round growing season. More than 10 strawberry varieties are grown in the valley across more than 6,000 acres of strawberry fields.

Santa Maria Valley strawberries are renowned for their juicy, flavorful character. While they are distributed both nationally and internationally, there is nothing like enjoying them fresh from the fields at local groceries, fruit stands, restaurants and farmers’ markets. You will find the best of the best strawberries from early spring through early autumn.

Strawberries find their ultimate showcase each April during the Santa Maria Valley Strawberry Festival at the Santa Maria Fairpark. This berry bash features strawberry varietal sampling, strawberry desserts, educational exhibits and old-fashioned carnival entertainment.