Santa Maria Barbecue’s red-hot summer continues as leading food and wine web site turns the spotlight this week on California’s native barbecue style: “Patriotic displays of meat grilling and beer drinking will take place across the nation next Monday. But in our state, it’s only right to represent the Stars and Stripes and the Bear Flag by opting for a Santa Maria-style cookout.”

Hear, hear! adds, “The distinctively shaped grills you’ll find dotting the streets throughout Santa Barbara County on weekends are as integral to this regional grilling style as the red-oak fires that fuel them.”

The site also recommends Santa Barbara County Syrah as a perfect wine match for Santa Maria Style Barbecue. We might also suggest a Cabernet Sauvignon from the Santa Ynez Valley or even a fuller-bodied, spicier Pinot Noir from the Santa Maria Valley.

On that note, we are wishing you all a festive 4th of July filled with friends, festivity and, of course, Santa Maria BBQ!