Santa Maria Style Barbecue is once again sizzling in the spotlight with a cover story in the latest edition of the San Francisco Chronicle Magazine.

The monthly magazine is bundled with the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper on the first Sunday of each month. The October issue’s cover story is titled “On The Barbecue Trail,” and the cover image features the marquees of The Hitching Post, Far Western Tavern and other area restaurants. The story was written by travel writer Christine Delsol, who recently visited the region to experience authentic Santa Maria Style Barbecue.

The story focuses on the unique regional methods and ingredients behind Santa Maria Style Barbecue, and how travelers can best experience it when visiting the region. It features Shaw’s Steak House, the Far Western Tavern, The Hitching Post and Jocko’s, among others. It also includes background on the Historic Santa Maria Inn.

In the story, Delsol notes how authentic Santa Maria Style Barbecue is hard to find outside of the Santa Maria Valley. She concludes, “Give me the real thing in all its natural glory, as earthy and unguarded as the landscape and the people who produce it. These are the qualities that keep drawing me back to the Central Coast.”

In other words, if you’ve never been to the Santa Maria Valley before, pack your bags and bring your appetite, because a bounty of authentic Santa Maria Style Barbecue experiences awaits you!

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