Our thanks go out to Food Editor Kelly Brant of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette for her fine feature this week on Santa Maria Style Barbecue.

In her story titled “Cowboy Cuisine: Santa Maria-style barbecue at home on the range,” Brant writes, “When it comes to barbecue, most of us are familiar with the big boys: Memphis, Texas, Kansas City, the Carolinas. Some of us even know Korean.”

“But there’s another barbecue out there, worthy of recognition. It’s Santa Maria.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

Brant continues, “The style, which dates back to the mid-1800s, evolved from local ranchers’ and cowboys’ Spanish-influenced barbecuing techniques…Beef is the traditional meat. And there’s no sauce to overwhelm or mask the flavor.”

The story also kindly mentions this blog, as well as local barbecue experiences such as the Hitching Post and Susie Q’s Brand.

We suspect that the aromas of red oak and sizzling tri-tip may rise from more than a few back yards in Little Rock this summer! And as always, we extend our invitation to everyone to visit the Santa Maria Valley and experience our local flavors to their fullest.