Santa Maria Style Barbecue is in the bright spotlight once again as US Airways Magazine showcases our regional culinary tradition in a four-page feature story titled “The Other Barbecue.”

In the words of contributing writer Larry Olmstead, “Although every U.S. city offers barbecue in some form, you’ll expecially find one or more of the four well-known regional styles: Carolina, Memphis, Kansas City and Texas…If you’re a fan of any of these barbecues, expand your palate with an up-and-coming taste–a fifth style that’s edging into the carnivore stable. Santa Maria barbecue may be a newcomer, but it has a long and storied history.”

We couldn’t have said it any better!

In the story, Olmstead elaborates on the history and ingredients of Santa Maria Style Barbecue and raves about the food and wines at the Hitching Post II, and also recommends dining at the original Hitching Post in Casmalia, the Far Western Tavern and Shaw’s Steakhouse & Tavern. He also kindly turns readers onto this blog!

Olmstead concludes, “As more visitors discover this local staple, word about Santa Maria barbecue is sure to spread.

A quote in the story sums it up: “Between the unique regional food and the wines, you get a flavor that is entirely and authentically local. People are actively seeking regional authenticity in their food today, and you’ll find it here in California’s barbecue capital.”

Thanks to US Airways Magazine and writer Larry Olmstead for spreading the sizzling good news about Santa Maria Barbecue!