Let’s face it, everyone loves a shout-out, which is why we were thrilled to have this blog linked to a story in San Francisco’s SF Weekly newspaper.

In the story, food critic Jonathan Kauffman answers the following question from a recent Houston transplant: Where can I find Tex-Mex food?

Later in the piece, he encourages his readers to seek out “Cal-Mex” food, and kindly suggests that people “take a weekend road trip to the Santa Maria Valley to gorge on tri-tip steaks grilled over red oak and long-braised pinquito beans.”

Great idea! They don’t call the Santa Maria Valley “California’s Sweet Spot” for nothing, as the valley is located nearly dead center between San Francisco and Los Angeles, making it an relatively easy jaunt from the big metro areas to the north and the south.

So come on down, or up, and bring your appetite for Santa Maria BBQ.