BBQ_Magazine_ItalyIn what is the first-ever Italian magazine to specialize in the subject of barbecue, editor Bob Schwartz, has chosen Santa Maria Style Barbecue as the cover story for his premier issue of BBQ Magazine.

“Instead of the usual Kansas City ribs or brisket, we wanted to start with something a little more obscure, but just as impressive,” said Schwartz, an American expatriate from West Virginia who has committed himself to publishing in Italy. “We decided to do a full-length feature on the entire Santa Maria Style Barbecue menu, plus informational sidebars on the history of the region.”

Schwartz has done just that in the “numero 1” issue of BBQ Magazine, which is published in Lessolo, a city in Northern Italy about 30 miles north of Turin. Schwartz timed the publication’s release with Italy’s summer festival season, which begins in early June and launches a popular time for dining outdoors.

The 54-page online spread features a sophisticated layout with articles on chefs, grills, barbecue history and many recipes accompanied by mouthwatering photography.

So how has the new magazine been received thus far? “I’m getting a lot of collaboration (and respect) from members of the Italian barbecue community,” Schwartz said. “Santa Maria offers so much history and local color, that I think using Santa Maria Barbecue as the magazine’s first feature was a wise choice.”