In a place like Santa Maria, where barbecue is iconic, the idea of a national “Meat Week” celebration makes us downright hungry.

Meat Week involves eight consecutive nights where meat eaters gather in participating cities across the country to consume piles of barbecue victuals. Each Meat Week city features a devoted captain who creates a list of participating restaurants and schedule of events.

Meat Week was launched in 2005, and the latest one just happened in cities like Atlanta, Baltimore, Cincinnati, San Antonio, New York and Los Angeles. In other words, in cities bigger than ours! At least so far…

Featured barbecue fare during Meat Week is said to include everything from brisket and pork to chicken and beef . . . really anything that people wish to barbecue. That plays right into our legendary local tradition of Santa Maria Style Barbecue, whereby top block sirloin and tri-tip are cooked over coals of native red oak.

Stay tuned, as our hope is that Santa Maria will be one of the Meat Week cities next year!