When it comes to barbecue, we can’t say that there’s anything better than Santa Maria Style BBQ, but we can acknowledge that there’s something bigger—and that would be Texas BBQ, from the largest state in the lower 48.

On that note, we’d like to return a shout-out to the new barbecue editor for the prestigious Texas Monthly magazine, Daniel Vaughn. According to this story, “Vaughn’s new job at Texas Monthly begins April 15. He previously helped Texas Monthly with its barbecue app and served on the tasting team for the Texas Monthly Top 50, but never full time…Vaughn will continue to live in Dallas and will explore barbecue in Texas, across the U.S., and even internationally.”

The story notes that Vaughn has a new book coming out on May 14 called The Prophets of Smoked Meat: A Journey Through Texas Barbecue.

It also includes an interview with Vaughn, and our collective ears perked up when it ended on this note:

Is there an area of the country that’s unexplored for you when it comes to barbecue?

Yeah. Actually, I’m going to be going to the Carolinas in two weeks. It’s going to be my first trip to the Carolinas. I hope the book tour takes me to Santa Maria, California to try the Santa Maria style.

Consider the invitation open, Daniel! And congrats on the dream job.