One of the Santa Maria Valley’s barbecue landmarks is serving up some new flavors to go along with old favorites, once again proving that good taste never goes out of style.

Indeed, the Far Western Tavern in Guadalupe, which boasts more than 50 consecutive years of same-family ownership, recently announced an updated menu that exhibits a greater emphasis on fresh, locally grown ingredients as well as local artisan wines. “These are specialty wines, many produced by boutique wineries, that you won’t find anywhere else,” says General Manager Thomas Warner.

But fear not, Far Western fans, because when it comes to red oak barbecue and prime grade beef, nothing has changed at this Santa Maria BBQ destination. The menu still includes the familiar classics, such as the Bull’s-Eye Steak, New York Strip, Cowboy Cut Top Sirloin and other dishes that recently earned the Far Western a prestigious spot on Sunset Magazine’s list of the West’s top 10 barbecue restaurants.

With its western decor, cowhide furnishings and 19th century Tigerwood bar, the Far Western Tavern also serves up an ambiance that is as memorable as its menu.

When it comes to Santa Maria Style BBQ, there’s nothing like the real thing, so the next time you’re visiting the Santa Maria Valley, don’t forget to visit the Far Western Tavern, Hitching Post and other local restaurants that specialize in this regional culinary tradition.