Santa Maria Style Barbecue shines in the spotlight once again as KSBY Television featured this sizzling local tradition in its new nightly news series called “No Place Like Home,” which focuses on the Central Coast’s most uniquely exciting flavors and experiences.

To watch the segment, click here and then click on the video player icon at the top of the story.

Shout outs to Chef Brian Stein of Susie Q’s Brand and Jeanette Trompeter of KSBY for doing such a great job of explaining and celebrating the history, ingredients and methods behind Santa Maria BBQ!

In her corresponding story, Jeanette writes: “The roots of the Santa Maria Style Barbecue trace back to about 1850 when Rancheros were branding their cattle and would invite their families, friends and vaqueros to a big celebration when the job was done. Central Coast cowboys continue that tradition today…You don’t have to be a cowboy, though, to enjoy the Santa Maria Style today. You’ll see it served up just about everywhere. And you know what’s cooking when you smell the distinctive aroma of the red oak wood providing the coals. It also provides a distinctive flavor for the meat.”

Bon appetit!