Santa Maria Tri-TipSanta Maria Style Barbecue is in the news once again as barbecue authority and author Steve Raichlen showcases the tri-tip beef cut in a feature story in the Huffington Post.

Titled “6 Things You Need to Know about Tri-Tip,” Raichlen offers insights and tips on the Santa Maria Valley’s signature cut.

In the piece,┬áRaichlen says that tri-tip “might be the most popular cut of beef you’ve never heard of.”

He adds, “That’s changing, and fast. People across North America are discovering that tri-tip is a mouthwatering cross between a steak and a roast that’s perfect for grilling.”

He also provides cooking tips: “Like flank steak, this lean cut is best when cooked to medium-rare (130 to 135 degrees). However, its tapered shape means the tail will be more done and can satisfy people who prefer their meat that way. The thicker center and head will still be pinkish-red.”

Raichlen is right that tri-tip might be the most popular beef cut you’ve never heard of. Similarly, Santa Maria Style Barbecue tends to fly under the radar while being recognized by barbecue aficionados as one of the top regional American BBQ styles.

Let’s just call it our little secret, even though the secret is getting out!

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