We recently stumbled upon an online guide to the top American regional barbecue styles, which listed Texas, Memphis, Kansas City, Alabama, the Carolinas and Kentucky.

Hmmm…What might be missing from this list?

Well, it’s not the first time we’ve been overlooked, so we won’t get our feelings (too) hurt! But every once in a while, we do need to remind folks that Sunset Magazine once called Santa Maria Style Barbecue “the best barbecue in the world,” echoing exactly what many others have said as well.

Of course, we’re easier to overlook because, as smaller agricultural community, it’s hard for us to generate as much visibility as a massive state like Texas or a larger metropolitan area like Kansas City.

But as we like to say, it’s the size of the flavor, not the place, that counts. And on that front, Santa Maria Style Barbecue rivals any regional barbecue in the United States!