Here at the official Santa Maria Valley BBQ Blog, we not only like to tell the world about our legendary homegrown barbecue style—we also like to keep tabs on what others are saying about it, and how the word is spreading.

One of the most impressive examples this summer is a piece by Eater Los Angeles, which details “12 Impressive Stops for Central Coast Barbecue in California.”

(Now, we would like to quibble with the wording, because “Central Coast” here is really just code for “Santa Maria,” but hey, it’s just a headline, and the situation is rectified early in the story with a firm nod to Santa Maria Style Barbecue.)

What’s great about the piece is that it provides an easy-to-follow itinerary for not only enjoying Santa Maria BBQ here in the valley, but also in neighboring areas that have also embraced our culinary phenomenon, including Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo.

Of course, the heart of the map includes such local icons as Shaw’s, Hitching Post, Far Western Tavern and Jocko’s, but also some relative newcomers. In all, as the headline promises, a full dozen stops are represented. Check it out here.