Traditionally, Santa Maria Style Barbecue is an exercise in anticipation. First, you light the red oak and let it burn until the coals are very hot with little flame. Then, after initially searing the meat, you raise the grill and wait patiently for the meat to reach medium rare or so, which can take up to 20 minutes per inch of cut thickness. Of course, the wait is always worth it!

But let’s face it. In this fast-paced age, not everyone always has the time to cook, let alone stage a traditional Santa Maria Style Barbecue. And that’s where the Santa Maria Valley’s BBQ2You comes in.

Established by the Ostini family, the owners of the famed Hitching Post restaurant, BBQ2You offers ready-to-heat authentic Santa Maria BBQ (and other meals) shipped right to your doorstep: “Bring a Santa Maria Style BBQ Steakhouse experience to your family’s kitchen table in just minutes! There’s no grilling necessary, and no thaw time. From freezer to plate in under 20 minutes. These are fully prepared meals, all you have to do is boil water, drop the boil-in-bag meal in, and dinner is served.”

If mail-order BBQ strikes you as questionable, consider that the Ostini family is renowned for the quality and authenticity of their food. In other words, they serve only the finest…even when it comes via FedEx!

Among the many meal options offered by BBQ2You is the Tri-Tip for $65 (pictured above), featuring three separate packages of 1.5 to 2.25 pound cuts that will “feed a small army,” all perfectly seasoned and grilled over red oak.

Visit the BBQ2You web site to check out their innovative line of convenient meals, and note that they are currently running a special for free shipping to California residents.