Appetite for ChinaThe popular food site Appetite for China apparently has an appetite for Santa Maria Style Barbecue, too, as evidenced by a recent story that states: “With all due respect to Memphis and Kansas City, Californians know the nation’s best barbecue may be in their own backyard.”

We know where this is headed…There’s a reason why the Santa Maria Valley is known as California’s Barbecue Capital!

The site’s founder, Diana Kuan, is a writer and cooking instructor. Her blog focuses on regional Chinese foods, as well as their “offspring” around the world.

In her story about Santa Maria Style Barbecue, Diana showcases a Santa Maria Style fundraiser for the fire station in Greenfield, in the Salinas Valley about two hours north of Santa Maria.

Santa Maria Style Barbecue has long been a staple of fundraisers and charity events in the Santa Maria Valley and beyond. You can find them up and down the coast, you just have to follow the smoke.

Thank you, Diana, for shining the spotlight on Santa Maria Style Barbecue!