Sure, we love wine, Santa Maria-Style barbecue and the beach, but did we mention we also love motorcycles? Santa Maria Valley has some of the best and safest routes for motorcyclists to put the pedal to the metal and enjoy a smooth ride, replete with sunshine and beautiful, photo-ready views. Here’s everything you need to know about going hog-wild in Santa Maria Valley. 

Take. Your. Time.

Take the time to really enjoy yourself on California’s Central Coast and discover hidden gems along Highway 101. From Nipomo, just north of Santa Maria, to Los Olivos to the south, and along the 166 from east to west, Santa Maria Valley is a rider’s dream, surrounded by the breathtaking Central Coast rolling hills. Whether you’re looking for a short ride to the coast or a longer trip around the region we’ve got the perfect routes for taking it nice and easy and making it back by dinner

Looking for a longer ride? Take the 166 east from Guadalupe through the mountains. Rolling through the backroads, with traffic at a minimum, this ride means peace of mind and smooth sailing. Nothin’ but the sound of your engine, the wind rushing around you and the radiant sun to keep you company. 

Pair your ride with some Santa Maria Valley wine. Just east of Santa Maria, you’ll find the Foxen Canyon Wine Trail along Foxen Canyon Road. With more than a dozen wineries along the way, make a pit stop for a tasting after your ride (not during – safety first!), or cruise through nice and slow, enjoying the winding vineyards on either side of you.

The ultimate motorcycle destination

Not only are our views spectacular, but our climate is also one of the many things that draws motorcyclists here year-round. From summer to spring and everything in between, the sun is almost always shining, and the gentle wind keeps you cool, just the right weather to keep you comfortable on the roads. Don’t worry though, it’s not too windy unless you get close to the ocean. This makes riding Santa Maria Valley’s many open roads a piece of cake.

Did someone say, “roads?” Since we’re on the topic, Santa Maria Valley has some of the least congested roads in California, so you don’t need to stress about other drivers. We’re a worry-free zone, after all. Whether you’re in the city or traveling the backroads, you’ll be able to take it all in and cruise until the sun sets. Peace, quiet and unbeatable views. What more could you want?

With Santa Maria as your home base, you’ll have access to plenty of amenities, be able to pack light and take just the necessities. Looking for a hotel with a bar or one near the center of town? How about one with a little history? Want access to plenty of dining choices? Maybe you want lots of amenities? We’ve got you covered, and there’s plenty more where that came from

Rules of the road re: California law

If you’re coming from out of town, here’s what you need to know about California motorcycle law:

  • Wear a U.S. Department of Transportation-approved helmet at all times. 
  • Your motorcycle must have both side-view mirrors, and both turn signals must be working.
  • If you have a cruiser, your handlebars need to be low enough so that your hands are no more than six inches above shoulder height when you are seated.
  • Lane splitting and lane sharing are legal here. 
  • If you have a passenger, they must be safely attached to your seat.

Grab your buddies, helmets and maybe a snack or two, and hit the road to Santa Maria Valley, but remember to pack light. We’ve got the rest covered.