Sunset's Epic Feature on Santa Maria BBQ

July 25, 2013

Doc - Jul 25, 2013 11-43 AMThis is big…In its new August issue, Sunset Magazine features a magnificent 10-page spread on Santa Maria Style BBQ, crowning Santa Maria as “The West’s Best BBQ Town” along the way.

The scope of the story is epic, and the writing by food editor Margo True is nothing short of spectacular. True reveals the authentic essence of Santa Maria Style Barbecue, going beyond the ingredients to showcase the history, culture and people behind the Santa Maria Valley’s regional barbecue tradition.

She journeys from city parks to inside the Santa Maria Elks Lodge to discover what makes Santa Maria BBQ tick. She talks to numerous locals, including Santa Maria barbecue legend Ike Simas. She spotlights local barbecue landmarks such as the Hitching Post, Far Western Tavern and Shaw’s, and spends time with Santa Maria Barbecue Outfitters, makers of classic Santa Maria Style Barbecue grills.

Of all of the memorable parts of the story, here’s one that really stands out to us: “You can make a good approximation of Santa Maria barbecue outside the Central Coast, but for the real thing, you have to come here.”

We agree, so come out soon to the Santa Maria Valley, the west’s best barbecue town, to taste what all the fuss is about.

And thanks to Margo True and Sunset Magazine for turning their spotlight on Santa Maria Style Barbecue!

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