Learn About Tri-Tip: "California's Cut"

August 03, 2012

In an earlier post, we introduced you to the origins of Santa Maria tri-tip, a beef cut that was popularized in the Santa Maria Valley in the 1950s. Over the ensuing years, tri-tip  joined top block sirloin as a favored cut for preparing Santa Maria Style Barbecue.

Today, tri-tip’s popularity continues to grow far and wide.  Tri-tip sandwiches are ubiquitous across the Central Coast, and more and more restaurants in California and beyond are incorporating it into their menus.

On that note, we are inspired to share this PDF brochure on tri-tip created by the California Beef Council, titled “California’s Cut.” The brochure includes recipes, carving tips and even a chart showing where different cuts originate. It also includes a short history with information provided by the Santa Maria Valley’s Susie Q’s Brand and the Santa Maria Valley Historical Society. It’s a handy guide for any tri-tip enthusiast, and can be used to educate your local butcher in case he or she doesn’t know about it (which we hear is not uncommon outside of California).

We still prefer the term “Santa Maria’s Cut” to “California’s Cut,” because it’s more specific to the regional origins of tri-tip and Santa Maria BBQ. However, Santa Maria Style Barbecue is sometimes referred to as California’s own barbecue style, and if that helps spread the word, then we’re not going to quibble with it! Enjoy!

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