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Santa Maria Philharmonic Society: Baroque Masters

The Santa Maria Philharmonic Orchestra chamber players and Maestro Michael Nowak welcome one and all to a celebration of Baroque composers, a holiday season tradition for the Philharmonic.
The program features the orchestral music of Johann Sebastian Bach, the icon of the Baroque style and progenitor of the symphonic art music tradition, along with his compatriot in the Germanic style, George Frideric Handel. The influential Italian composers Antonio Vivaldi and Arcangelo Corelli will share the stage with Bach and Handel, highlighting the harmonic inventiveness and melodic genius on display in the Italian concerto grosso.
There will be a pre-concert lecture that will enhance your enjoyment and understanding of the music. This Pre-Concert Lecture is FREE and open to all concert goers. The lecture will be held just before the concert, beginning at 6:50PM and ending at 7:10PM.

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