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CORE: Small Mosaic Tile – Creative Workshop #3

The great thing about making mosaics is that you have so many colorful materials to use to create your design. You can use broken dishes, pottery or glass if you want a more irregular look or you can use pre-cut and orderly sizes to make a more comtemporary design.

We’ll start with a small tile as our base and begin the process for choosing a design–maybe you already know what image you want to use or maybe you’ll be inspired by the materials. You are welcome to bring some of your own accent pieces or if you have a stash of broken items (I do!) that you want to incorporate. Otherwise, we’ll have a wide selection of pieces to choose from–just make sure you’ve given some thought to the overall theme or colors that you like.

Classes must include at least 6 participants in order to be held, maximum of 10.

Tickets may be bought HERE

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