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CORE: Live Concert, Wine & More

Spend an afternoon with friends and enjoy a complimentary wine sampling, light appetizers and a LIVE CONCERT of originals with an infectious groove…all for the one incredible price!

Joelyn Lutz, a singer/songwriter and performer on the beautiful central coast of California. With over four decades of musical enterprising, ranging from lead guitarist in an all-girl rock band to teaching vocals and guitar, Joelyn has plugged into the music world in every imaginable variation.Joelyn’s music embodies a rich fusion of rock, country, jazz, rhythm and blues and latin character. Her words echo both the uplifting sentiment that we each hold powerful gifts for planetary healing. She’s also performs and purposely mastered her songs in the natural healing tone of 432 hz (which is known as the vibrational healing tone of our planet). Come hear the difference!

Joining Joelyn is Bill Royal on bass. The two take their original music to a whole new dimension adding an infectious groove that can’t be denied. Songs from their new CD will be added as a sneak preview.

Concert starts at 4:30. A variety of wines will be available for purchase by the glass or bottle. CD’s available for purchase directly from the artist!

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