Zac Efron Santa Maria BBQActor Zac Efron may have become an international celebrity in recent years, but his taste in barbecue remains distinctly local.

Indeed, in the April 29 issue of nationally syndicated Parade magazine, the Central Coast native and local theater alum shares his love for Santa Maria Style Barbecue. As with many families across the Santa Maria Valley and the Central Coast, Santa Maria Style Barbecue was apparently a staple at the Efron household in Arroyo Grande, which is located 20 minutes north of the city of Santa Maria.

Parade is a weekly magazine that is bundled with more than 600 newspapers nationwide each Sunday. It has a circulation of 32.2 million and a readership of nearly 69 million.

In the article titled, “Sunday Dinner,” Efron shares his own riff on Santa Maria BBQ, which, with its salsa marinade and pinto beans, differs from what local purists would call authentic Santa Maria Style Barbecue. Of course, he wouldn’t be the first person to put their own personal spin on the local tradition, and he was kind enough to include locally produced Susie Q’s Seasoning in his recipe.

And, of course, if you want access to the traditional recipe—the real deal—you need look no further than this blog, the authoritative and official source for Santa Maria Style Barbecue!

Also, we remind you that the Santa Maria Valley Visitor & Convention Bureau offers a complimentary Santa Maria Style Barbecue brochure containing recipes, the history of Santa Maria Style Barbecue and information on local restaurants that specialize in the traditional meal.

Brochures may be obtained at the Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce & Visitor and Convention Bureau located at 614 S. Broadway in Santa Maria or by calling (805) 925-2403.