Santa Maria Wine Country

Santa Maria Wine Country

In the world of wine, there’s a lot of talk about “terroir,” a French term that signifies the influence of place–specifically the soil, climate and other native local conditions that shape a wine’s character. In the Santa Maria Valley wine country, with its cool marine climate and dry sandy-loam soils, it’s not hard to find wines that exhibit a strong sense of place.

Well, the concept of terroir is also fitting when it comes to Santa Maria Style Barbecue, which is based upon local ingredients and methods honed over the past 100 years in the Santa Maria Valley.

So when you pair Santa Maria BBQ with a locally grown wine, you have a meal like no other, with flavors that are truly native.

The question becomes, then, which wine to pair with Santa Maria BBQ? Ultimately, there is no right answer. Food pairing is subjective, and only you can decide what you like.

However, as a general rule, the rich, smoky flavors of Santa Maria Style Barbecue will appeal to heavier reds. In the Santa Maria Valley, that typically leads us to Pinot Noir and Rhone-style varietals such as Syrah.

When it comes to Pinot, a richer style can hold up to the bold flavors of barbecue more readily compared to a more delicate Pinot. And in a cool climate such as ours, Syrah often develops a deep, meaty, peppery character that goes quite well with Santa Maria seasoning and red oak smokiness.

So come on out to the Santa Maria Valley wine country, visit one of our barbecue restaurants, and select a wine that will provide a memorably local dining experience!