No time to cook? No problem!

Indeed, the Santa Maria Valley’s famed Hitching Post restaurant continues to turn heads with its BBQ2YOU line of ready-to-heat authentic Santa Maria BBQ (and other offerings such as seasonings) shipped right to your doorstep.

Among the favorites is the Four Pack “Fully Prepared” Grilled Tri-Tip (approx. eight pounds, shipped frozen, California only, $69.95) which will feed an army, and which is perfectly seasoned and grilled over red oak. Also popular is the Six Pack “Fully Prepared” Grilled Artichoke (shipped frozen, California only, $65.95).

Restaurant General Manager Terri Stricklin says that there’s no grilling or thaw time necessary. She says that from freezer to plate in less than 20 minutes, these are fully prepared meals, and all you have to do is boil water, drop the boil-in-bag meal in, and dinner is served.

What inspired you to develop fully prepared Santa Maria BBQ tri-tip?

The business venture began with my niece, Stacey Mosti. When she moved away from the area, she missed her dad’s famous barbecue at the Casmalia Hitching Post restaurant. She wanted a way to enjoy it more than the once or twice a year when she visits the Central Coast. After about 18 months of testing, we mastered the steps for barbecuing and flash freezing our tri-tip, and we developed reliable reheating instructions for the end customer.

How far and wide have you shipped your prepared tri-tip?

We have shipped to as far away as Alaska and have had many requests to ship overseas. However, we are currently only shipping in California.

What is some of the feedback you’ve received?

We have received tremendous feedback from our customers. Many of them are local folks sending packages to kids while they’re away at college, or to family who’ve moved out of the area. People love our product!

Thank you, Terri! For more information on The Hitching Post and BBQ2YOU, visit and click on the BBQ2YOU link.