The Santa Barbara News-Press recently turned the spotlight on the Far Western Tavern, a landmark of Santa Maria Style Barbecue that is now celebrating its 50th year of same-family ownership.

Here is an excerpt from the story by reporter Karna Hughes:

Back when Clarence Minetti was a boy in the early ’30s, he would stop off at the Palace Hotel and Restaurant in Guadalupe for a bite to eat after working up an appetite pitching hay in the nearby fields. “I used to buy steak and spaghetti for 65 cents,” recalled the 91-year-old North County native. When the historic building came up for sale in 1958, memories of those satisfying meals inspired Mr. Minetti, then a rancher, to buy it and open a restaurant of his own, in partnership with his wife’s cousin, Richard Maretti, and the men’s wives, Rosalie Minetti and Betty Jean Maretti. They got it for a “bargain price.” Little did they know their family restaurant. Far Western Tavern, would still be going strong 50 years after it opened in February 1959.”

The story continues:

While authenticity is important to the owners, they also try to stay aware of the times. “We’re not a trendy eatery but we also want to keep up with the wine world, offering more to the customers than just steak and potatoes,” said Susan Righetti. So diners can order their meat with a Pinot Noir reduction sauce or caramelized onions and mushrooms sauteed in white wine, for example, and other wine-based dishes are offered as specials on weekends. An extensive wine list features area vintners.”

Congratulations to the Far Western Tavern on 50 years of sizzling barbecue and memorable meals!