Elks_CookingChannelThe iconic Santa Maria Elks Lodge is once again in the spotlight for its legendary prowess with Santa Maria Style Barbecue.

Last year, the lodge was featured in Sunset Magazine’s epic spread on Santa Maria BBQ. Now the Santa Maria Elks Lodge is starring in a new episode of Man Fire Food on The Cooking Channel.

During the segment, the lodge’s “BBQ Chairman” Wayne Stahl shows host Roger Mooking the ins and outs of preparing classic Santa Maria Style Barbecue.

While the Santa Maria BBQ menu includes pinquito beans and other accoutrements, the Cooking Channel segment focuses on the main attraction: the meat and how to cook it. And the cut of choice is top block sirloin, the original Santa Maria BBQ cut that preceded the now-popular tri-tip cut that is also associated with our regional style.

During the segment, Stahl shows Mooking how the meat is seasoned with salt, pepper and granulated garlic, then skewered on rods and cooked over coals of native red oak.

The Santa Maria Elks Lodge boasts a long and illustrious history with Santa Maria Style Barbecue, and is considered a true keeper of the proverbial flame of Santa Maria Style Barbecue. The Elks team staged barbecues for President Ronald Reagan among many other public and private cookouts, including one that fed a crowd of 9,500 at a convention in San Francisco.

Click here for the Cooking Channel’s page on the segment, which includes links to two Elks recipes!