With two recent high-profile media stories, Santa Maria Style Barbecue has become a sizzling sensation from coast to coast.

Indeed, in the wake of a recent cover story on Santa Maria BBQ in the San Francisco Chronicle Magazine, the New York Times now comes along with its own spotlight on our regional culinary tradition.

The New York Times story focuses on the new Sunset Magazine cookbook, and showcases Santa Maria Style Barbecue as one of the book’s featured cuisines. Referring to Sunset’s food editor Maro True, the story observes, “What would Ms. True serve you if you wanted a quintessential old California meal? She would start with guacamole, move onto a Santa Maria tri-tip barbecue and end with a mini-date shake and either sopapillas or fortune cookies…”

The story includes an accompanying tri-tip recipe, along with a link suggesting the use of red oak chips from the Santa Maria Valley’s own Susie Q’s Brand. Thanks to the New York Times and Sunset Magazine for spreading the flavorful word about our historic homegrown cuisine!