Great American MelodramaJust as our region’s famous red oak barbecued beef hearkens back to the days of rancheros and cowboys, so too can our local entertainment draw inspiration from our wild west history.

Take the famed Great American Melodrama & Vaudeville in Oceano. Known for its old-time revue of song, dance and comedy, the theater is currently performing “How the West was Really Won” and “Death at Devil’s Cave” through September 22.

Poking fun in typical form, the theater invites audiences to “take a look at how the West might have… uh, could have… well, maybe even should have been won…but probably wasn’t. Guns will be blazin’ and laughs will be snortin’ as you come hear our tales…maybe slightly tall tales… of the West.”

Fans love the theater’s folksy piano tunes, cabaret tables and sawdust-covered floors that have been around for more than 36 years. The in-house pub is always a hit and the colorful performers still work the counter! And, yes, barbecued beef is on the menu…

So come to the Santa Maria Valley for our world-famous barbecue, and stay for a little melodrama, too!